How to make air conditioner service pump at home a DIYer way

Here in this video I will show you the way you can create your own air conditioner service pump. You need an air conditioner compressor from 1 or ton capacity air conditioner to make this pump We will build an air conditioner service pump from this air conditioner compressor you can use such a service pump for servicing automotive air conditioner or house hold window or split air conditioner. There is a terminal box on the compressor body where the compressor terminals are located. To make the pump running, you need to make connections and cabling with such terminals in proper order. For suction and compression you need to weld two manifold lines as shown here. All you need to remove or unscrew the valves from the shretor valves. 220V power is involved in the process of running this service pump. Caution is required to make yourself safe from electricity and take care of your self. An air conditioner capacitor is needed to run this service pump.

This is a regular 35UF air conditioner capacitor having two terminals. This has a voltage rating of 300 to 350V. Cables are already connected to this capacitor to make it ready to be connected to the compressor We will test the capacitor using a multimeter to make sure the terminals should not be shorted to body of the capacitor. Select the multimeter to OHM range or resistance range and test both terminals one by one with the capacitor body. Your readings should come out of limits or OL when doing such a test. Open the terminal box of the compressor. For the purpose you need to remove the spring lock from the terminal box. There are three terminals inside. These terminals are labeled as S, R and C. R is running terminal.

S is starting terminal and C is common terminal. There are two winding inside a compressor. Running winding and Starting winding. The C terminal will be connected to one power terminal say neutral rail. The S terminal will be connected to Capacitor where as the capacitor other terminal will be connected to other line of power say to the phase. The R will be connected to phase line of the power.

We are making proper termination of the wiring. For this we may cut a few cables and connect them here and there. The mains Phase is provided to R terminal as well as to the capacitor terminal. The capacitor other terminal had been connected to the S terminal on the compressor. The C terminal had been brought out for connection. We left with two wires for power in this way. A little longer wire had been connected to the two power wire to make the connection easy. The pump is now powered up by 220V line to test it up. Powering up the compressor starts it up and the compressor runs when it is connected to the power. The top line of the compressor is suction line and can be used to vacuum the air conditioner machine under service. The down side port is the compression port and can be used to fill in the pressure in the air conditioner under service to fine the leak. It can provide you up to 300 psi pressure to the testing unit.


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