Facts about Luxury Vinyl Flooring you did not know


Re-doing your flooring but on a budget? Your best option is luxury vinyl flooring (LVF), and I’ll tell you why.

I am an avid fan of the TV show Restaurant: Impossible, hosted by Chef Robert Irvine on Food Network. On the show, Chef Irvine helps people across America whose business are facing an impending demise to turn things around in two days with only $10,000 budget. Usually, interiors such as furniture and fixtures including flooring are being replaced, and this happens on carpeted flooring. I mean who in the right mind would use carpet flooring in a restaurant in the first place? The reason why whenever Chef Irvine would see carpeted flooring in a restaurant that he is helping on the show he’d always frown upon it and ask his staff to get rid of the carpet or sometimes he does the ripping off himself. It gets pretty hilarious when he does the smashing of the walls or tearing the flooring apart as he looks like Hulk, with all the muscles and 6-pack abs. And guess what they use to replace the carpeted flooring – more often than not, LVF. Remember they only have 48 hours to refurbish a restaurant with an overall budget of $10,000 so LVF would be a great option if you want a quick solution yet maintaining an elegant look for a lesser price.

LVF is a reinvention of vinyl flooring introduced in 2006 in an attempt to capture the urban market such as condominium homeowners who are reluctant to install solid hardwood mainly due to budget constraints. It costs a little bit more than ordinary vinyl flooring but if you want to achieve a classy and elegant look of a laminated hardwood or stone tile flooring at a fraction of the price then go for LVF.

Depending on the type, LVF can be glued down in floating method, and it’s a good choice because it will not scratch and it’s water resistant. It would take some reasonable efforts to damage a piece, and if a piece was damaged, you could easily replace by cutting out only the damaged piece and then glue in a new piece of luxury vinyl tile. Besides, if tile flooring can just be glued down, it means it’s ideal for DIY flooring projects. Plus, the word “floating method” is another indication that LVF installation can be done easily by anyone. Although contrary to what most people think, floating method does not mean that the flooring will move on you. It is a method developed to ease the complexity of installing vinyl tile flooring such as LVF for homeowners. Because of this, manual nailing or nailing down to the sub-floor has been eliminated from the process, thus making it easy to install and quick to be done, in fact, you can redo your flooring in just a few hours compared back in the day when flooring installations take days to finish. And if you’re into jigsaw puzzles like me, installing vinyl tile flooring would be as if you were just putting together a puzzle for you’ll only need to connect individual pieces to each other.

Additionally, LVF may be used almost anywhere in your home, be it in the living room, bedroom, family room, hallway, kitchen, etc. However, for some people, vinyl can also sometimes come off as cheap so choosing the right design is vital. The very reason why I am recommending luxury vinyl tile flooring is that it is made to mimic in the most authentic way both the look and feel of the real wood or stone tiles. And due to the high technology used in manufacturing them the best stone-look tiles will, in fact, have limestones composite added to the mix for absolute authenticity.

So aesthetic and value-wise plus the easy-as-pie installation, LVF is the popular choice for DIY aficionados and as if that’s not enough to convince you, most brands offer Lifetime Residential Warranty so need I say more?

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Making Sure Your Wireless Home Network Is Secure



As more and more people make the switch from cordless networks to secure networks in their houses, there are a whole new range of security concerns to be aware of. Too often individuals set up their cordless network and forget the security implications.

Nevertheless, this can be a severe oversight as individuals can quickly access your individual info and is a typical cause of scams. In this post we encourage you on a few of the actions you can take to make certain your cordless network is safe.

Practically all computer systems with recent operating system and wireless capabilities will have the choice to turn on an integrated in firewall program. If you are using an older operating system you might want to install a third party firewall. Although this alone will not stop 3rd parties from accessing your network, it will act to protect each computer system on the network from old network requests.

Creating safe user accounts is also suggested. Weak username/ password combinations are exploitable must a hacker attempt to gain access to your networked computer by means of your cordless network. Stronger passwords will typically consist of blended case alphanumeric characters. You can quickly find advice on composing protected passwords on the internet.

Many cordless routers enable you to access their setup with your web browser. Make sure to alter the default username and password that permits you to administrate your router to prevent unwanted access. If you do not, virtually anybody might breach your network.

In addition, every network capable computer will have at least one MAC address that identifies it on your network. Giving access to your wireless network based on MAC addresses will filter out undesirable users and network capable devices. It is not sure-fire, however it will discourage most potential hackers.

Wireless routers likewise transmit an SSID which is essentially a name of the network that appears when a computer gets its signal. By default, this will normally be the name of the maker of your cordless router. Many business recognize their networks utilizing the SSID and it can be a helpful method to recognize Wi-Fi hotspots when you are out and about. Nevertheless, for the sake of your house network it is not actually necessary so it is a smart idea to stop broadcasting it completely.

It needs to also be possible to secure the data that is sent out in between computers on your wireless network. Nevertheless, you have to guarantee that all computers have the exact same encryption settings.

One of the main reasons that wireless home networks can have security issues is since the signal can frequently reach beyond the borders of your home. One major financial institution recently lost millions of charge card records because it did not have its cordless system effectively protected.

Another approach that is commonly used to secure wireless networks is static IP dealing with. IP addresses are frequently appointed immediately on cordless networks. However, networks are far more secure if the IP addresses of all computer systems on a network are set by hand. This is not sure-fire but will stay out casual hackers.

If possible, put your cordless router in a part of your home or home where the signal will not travel too far beyond the boundaries of your house. If your house overlooks a street, do not put your router too close to this part of your home. In addition, if you are going on vacation or are going to be away for a prolonged period of time you should turn your router off while you are gone.

Even if you do not have a cordless network in you owned and operate house, it is essential to understand how to keep your notebook secure when you are out and about. You need to make certain that your notebook does not auto-connect to other cordless networks. By default, both Windows and Mac OSX will display a caution before connecting to unknown networks and both will permit you to identify which networks you trust for automatic connection. When you are connecting to outside networks that you do not know, ensure that your firewall software is turned on.

Too many people ignore the importance of protecting their cordless networks. The actions described above should not take long to carry out. While they may not guarantee 100 % security, they are likely to deter any would-be hackers.

These are just some of the steps you can take to make your home cordless network more safe and secure. There are millions of networks out there that are really poorly safeguarded so if you put in the time to put even a few of these safeguards in place you will most likely discourage any prospective hackers.

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Kitchen Feng Shui: What You Need To Know


Is a new kitchen in your future? Whether you are remodeling in your current home or building a brand new house, there is no doubt that you have some ideas of what you would like the space to look like. Sure, you will need all of the common fixtures in a kitchen, the refrigerator, the stove, sink, counter tops, cabinets, and other things that make up the room. But have you given thought to how all of this will be laid out in the space?

Feng shui is a decorating technique that has been used successfully for quite some time. The phrase, feng shui is Chinese for wind and water and allows you to create a space that flows with positive energy, or chi. Since the kitchen is such an integral part of any home, choosing kitchen feng shui is a smart choice that allows positive energy to flow through the space. Read on to learn more about kitchen feng shui and how you can create a room that is positively amazing.

While feng shui in other rooms is a bit easier to create, the kitchen comes with its own challenges. The room is full of elements. You have water from the sink, fire from your stove, metal from the appliances, and earth is represented in counters. Feng shui says these should all cancel each other out, but that doesn’t necessarily happen in the kitchen.

Whether you or a designer is applying the elements of feng shui to your kitchen, it is important to consider many things. First of all, the year the house was built is important. The current year is important, too, as is the direction the house faces. If possible, moving the kitchen may be required for maximum benefits. If it is a newly built house that does not have plans yet, the feng shui is much easier to apply. If the room is already there or planned, it can be more challenging, but it is possible.

As you design your kitchen, you should think about communication. Being the heart of the home, this room should be a space that is conducive to being around others and communicating with them.

It is important that all of the aspects of the earth are represented in your kitchen for a positive flow. Since there are already many aspects, you need to make sure the sky is represented in your kitchen. The sky is important in a kitchen and can be brought in by a window. It can also enter the room with sky blue walls. This creates an open feeling in the room. Then, depending on the space, you will want to make sure all elements compliment each other and give the room the feel that you desire.

As you can see, choosing to apply the elements of feng shui to your kitchen is a smart choice. Use the information that you have learned here to help you create a room that everyone enjoys.

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How To Protect Your Building with Roof-Repair For The Long Haul


Protect Your Building with Roof-Repair

When you need to get all that you can from your roof, it will depend on you providing some great maintenance to it. This maintenance will allow you to keep your roof intact and to protect the overall value of your property. By taking it upon yourself to handle some serious points of repair and maintenance, you will always get the best from your roof. When you are thinking about new ways to Protect Your Building with Roof-Repair, you can start fresh by applying some of these points below and using them the best that you can.

Clean Out Your Gutters

Cleanliness of your gutters will affect your roof exponentially. When you want your roof to be constantly working for you, you should clean out your gutters. You should do this at least two times every year. The best times of year to clean out your gutters are in the spring and in the fall. Once you have cleaned out your gutters, you are protecting your drainage system and allowing it to send water away from your roof. Once this water gets sent away from your roof, you will not have to worry about it creating damage and causing your parts to sag unnecessarily. With this in mind, be sure that you are careful when cleaning out your gutters. The last thing you would want to do is allow it to get out of hand by putting too much weight on your roof and creating damage. The cleanliness of your gutters will play a huge role in how well you keep up with your roof.

Get Your Roof Inspected Frequently

Make sure that you bring in professionals to inspect your roof frequently. This will be one of the most important steps that you can take. By having these professionals out to your property, they will be able to assist you and be sure that they are applying the best techniques and tactics available to keep your roof in working condition. Otherwise, you are allowing your roof to begin breaking down on you and if this gets out of hand, it will be tough for your group to maintain. But by getting it inspected, one of these roofing contractors will be able to assist you so that they prevent serious problems from happening with your roof.

Check Out Your Roof And Sweep It Of Debris

It is very important that you keep your roof free of debris as well. When you sweep the debris off of your roof, you will be in a great position to keep the roof intact and it would not be weighed down by unnecessary clutter. You can use a roof rake or a push broom in order to make this happen, but be sure that you do not use any sharp materials that will puncture your materials. By keeping your roof debris free, you allow it to get the best performance possible.

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Jerry Glinn

JerryGlinnHello there, my name is Jerry Glinn, – and I am a founder of LaIslaCondominios. I was born in Chicago back in 1978, – and been living there ever since. I love Chicago, I think it’s amazing place for someone with big dreams, – as long as you keep level-headed, – and see your goals.

Anyways, – when I was seven, I was first introduced to European culture, – when our relatives form London came by. They were wealthy people from London, back then they had very successful real estate business, – these days, – only god knows what they have, because they were living life to the fullest as they say.

Long story short, – during one of our dinner parties, – they told my family stories about Spain, – and “heaven on earth äs they’ve described it, – and they were talking about Tenerife island. I’ve listened to the stories, and was amazing. I knew I love Chicago, but when someone describes a place as a heaven on earth, – you gotta check it out. At least that’s how I see it.

We didn’t have internet back then, so I just popped in local library, and asked for literature about islands around Spain, – and what I’ve read pretty much did it for me. I knew, it’s like Hawaii for Americans, – but it doesn’t have all the over-westernized bullshit if you know what I mean.

Since then I was going to Tenerife twice a year, now I own an apartment here, and I live in-between those two worlds. Back and forth. And you know what, – if you asked me, – I think it’s the best way to live. Wherever you go ,people are glad to see you, – and that’s to say the least.

If you want to read more about my adventures, – make sure to subscribe.

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